Lipscomb University & Earth Rides

An Earth-Friendly Partnership

Use Cases

Airport Trips

Guaranteed flat fee for prospects, students, and families to and from Lipscomb University and BNA.


We'll get students where they need to go on time and show up with confidence so they can land the job!

Campus to Campus

Quickly get students and faculty from main campus to any satellite campus with curbside drop off.

Grocery Runs

Administration chooses a weekly time for shuttle service to and from Green Hills stores.

Families and Prospects

Ensure your guests are taken care of while visiting Nashville by booking their rides, supplying a discount code, or even prepaying.

Carbon Footprint

Help offset your carbon footprint. Be the leader in Nashville and for other schools across the country.

About Earth Rides

Safety. Quality. Mission-driven. 

Earth Rides is on a mission to reduce carbon emissions. We do that by deploying a fleet of 100% electric vehicles – no gas, no hybrids, no excuses. Beyond clean air, we believe that every ride should be a premium experience which is why we go the extra mile of owning and operating a fleet of Teslas, the safest car on the market. Fair living wages and exposing frontline communities to clean tech is on our radar which is why all of our drivers are employees. And lastly, perhaps our most important advantage, we take extra steps like ensuring our drivers background checks are periodically kept up to date through the FBI screening process to ensure safety for rider and driver alike. 

Your students deserve to experience Nashville through the lens of clean air, safety, and quality. 

Your Lipscomb Alumni

Raven Hernandez

Raven Hernandez, Esq., alongside her husband, is the founder of Earth Rides. Raven began her journey as a Bison at 17 years old after graduating high school a semester early. She received her B.A. in Philosophy in 2016 and her J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law in 2019.  As a natural relationship builder, Raven focuses on developing strategic alliances at the city and state level as well as amongst national clean technology organizations. She is dedicated to inspiring others to live a life of health, wealth, and spirituality. 

Joe Minor

Joe Minor is the Director of Brand Partnerships at Earth Rides. While at Lipscomb University, he completed his B.A. in Corporate Management in 2015 and a Masters in Management & Organizational Development in 2017.  Joe uses his experience in Cultural and Human Capital to focus on curating and nurturing relationships to assist with business development. As a Lifestyle Marketing Consultant by trade, Joe is dedicated to creating business opportunities through leveraging partnerships and innovative marketing.


Trevor Gormely

Trevor Gormley serves as Strategic Advisor and Board Member of Earth Rides. While studying finance at Lipscomb University, Trevor started a long-short quantitative Hedge Fund and served as Alpha Kappa Psi President. Currently, he is the Co-Founder of Liquid Intelligence, an Artificial Intelligence company focused on the next generation of the web. Trevor has appeared numerous times on CNBC to discuss growth strategies and consumer sentiment around brands such as Apple, Tesla and Snapchat. As an advisor with several start ups, Trevor has worked in many capacities but focuses mainly on strategy and operations.