Drive on Earth. Great commissions, team work, and transparency.

Drive your electric car on Earth Rides and earn a commission on each ride you complete. Keep 100% of your tips and double your earnings weekly with bonuses–the more you drive, the higher the bonus.


Sign up to drive your EV.

Next day payouts, no fees.

Earth has partnered with Gig Economy payout processor Branch. Branch allows you get paid and provides you with a digital wallet as well as debit card. There are never any fees associated with moving your money or using your Branch debit card. 



The single greatest way to increase the adoption of EVs is getting people in them.


95% of our passengers experience EVs for the first time when they ride with us. Feel free to share your knowledge of EVs.

Great experience

Show your passengers what ride share is supposed to be. Ask them how their day is, what kind of music they would like, and what temperature they prefer.


Be part of an awesome community of drivers and riders.


The Earth Rides driver app shows you the total cost of the ride. No hidden fees!


Earth is a diverse company built on trust and open communication. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated.


You have round the clock support while on the road. You can always get a hold of a real person!

We are changing the rideshare game.

We value our drivers and work with them to ensure safety for everyone. *All of our drivers are Nationally background checked and interviewed. 

Raven Hernandez – Founder – CEO