Electrify Your Earnings Referral Program.

Refer an EV owner to drive their vehicle on the Earth platform and you may be awarded a referral incentive of 5-10% of each ride the referred contractor completes (less taxes). *Percentage reward is based on your attendance (employee) or how many rides you complete (Gig driver).

* This is in addition to your personal commission earnings for completed rides. 

Supercharged Level
15+ rides per week = 50% commission, plus tips, plus $75 bonus
Total Revenue ($255) – Contractor Earnings ($127.50) = $127.50- Contractor Bonus ($75) = $52.50 for Earth
Margin on 15 rides at $17/ride: Earth Earning $3.50 per ride = 21%

Lightning Level
10+ rides per week = 50% commission, plus tips, plus $45 bonus 
Total Revenue ($170) – Contractor Earnings ($85) = $85 – Contractor Bonus ($45) = $40 for Earth
Margin on 10 rides per week at $17/ride: Earth Earning $4.00 per ride = 24%
Electric Level
5+ rides per week = 50% commission, plus tips, plus $20 bonus
Total Revenue ($85) – Contractor Earnings ($42.50) = $42.50 – Contractor Bonus ($20) = $22.50
Margin on 5 rides per week at $17/ride: $4.50 per ride = 26%
Whether you’re part of an EV owners group or meeting other EV owners while charging, we encourage you to share your experience on Earth and refer others to drive with us!

Here are some tips for making a successful Earth gig driver referral:  
Step 1: Share Earth’s mission and why you choose to drive on Earth. Other EV owners will want to know about your experience before applying. (Earth’s mission is to provide access to clean technology for everyone). 

Explain that by joining the Earth gig driver community, you are helping accelerate the adoption of EVs by providing first-class experiences, education, and accessibility to riders. Earth is quikcly evolving the rideshare industry and EV owners can be part of this! Also, many of our riders have never been in an EV, so this is a chance for gig drivers to show off their vehicle and it’s features.

Step 2: Discuss our value of transparency and earning potential when driving on Earth. EV owners receive 50% of each completed trip + all tips, every time. 

This is a great time to discuss our Electrify Your Earnings Program and what it means for you and them! By referring other EV owners, they too will have the potential to earn up to 10% of each referral’s completed rides each month. 

Step 3: Share the Earth gig driver webpage. When sharing the QR code on your Earth keychain, have the EV owner scan the QR code to reach Earth’s gig driver webpage. Here they can learn more about driving on Earth and complete their application. The application will ask who referred them, so be sure to provide your referral with your full name! 

Referring someone to Earth online? Earth’s gig driver webpage can be reached here: https://www.earthrideshare.com/independent-contractors/. We recommend bookmarking this page. 
Gig Driver Eligibility
  • All Earth Rides gig drivers are eligible to participate in the Electrify Your Earnings program once they have been approved to drive on the Earth platform. 
  • Earth gig drivers are expected to adhere to the terms agreed upon in the initial application, also found here: www.earthrideshare.com/owner-operator-agreement/. Drivers must also adhere to company policies, which can be found in the Basecamp team folder. Gig drivers will gain access to this folder during onboarding. 
  • Failure to adhere to these terms and policies will result in disqualification to access the Earth Rides platform and the ability to drive and receive referral rewards. 
Referral Process
  • When making a referral, you must represent the potential Earth gig driver’s first contact with Earth Rides. 
  • To be eligible for the Electrify Your Earnings incentive, the referred gig driver must list the referring gig driver’s name under the “How did you hear about Earth Rides?” portion of the application.
  • The first employee or gig driver to refer a potential gig driver will be the only referring employee or gig driver eligible for payment. 
Referral Eligibility
  • We encourage you to make as many referrals as you’d like, however, please note that only gig drivers who meet the essential qualifications for the position will be considered.
  • All gig driver applicants will be evaluated consistent with company policies and procedures. 
  • All information regarding hiring decisions will remain strictly confidential. 
Referral Incentive Payment
  • The referring Earth gig driver’s incentive payment will be dependent on the number of rides they complete each month. See the ‘Earnings Potential’ tab for more information.
  • All referral incentive payments will be paid on the first day of each month via Branch.
  • Once approved as an Earth gig driver, referring drivers will receive the EYE incentive for a full 12 months beginning the day the referred driver completes their first ride. 


Who do I contact if I have questions about the EYE Program?
Please reach out to Jess Montero at jessmontero@earthrideshare.com for any questions you may have regarding the Electrify Your Earnings Program.

When will I see my personal earnings? 
Payouts occur every other day through our partner Branch. 

Are there any fees taken out of my earnings?
Earth Rides does not charge any fees — transparency is one of our core values and we mean it! You will never see any surprise fees or charges from Earth Rides. If changes are made to a payout structure, active drivers will receive an email outlining those changes in straight forward language.

Do I get a percentage of my referrals tips?
We believe our drivers should keep every tip they earn. At this time, Earth does not passalong processing fees associated with payouts. Which means you keep 100%   100% of the tips you receive. The refer program payouts do not apply to tips. 

How often are my completed rides calculated toward my referral earnings?
Completed rides that count toward referral earnings are calculated monthly. We calculate the number of rides you have done at the end of each month and on the first day of the following month, you will receive your referral earnings. These earnings will be based on the number of rides you completed the previous month. For example, if you completed 90 rides in November, your referral payout on December 1st will be 10% of your referrals completed rides.

Can I refer friends & family members?
You can absolutely refer your friends and family members to join Earth as a gig driver. We also encourage you to use family gatherings or outings as an opportunity to remind them how great driving on Earth is. 
Is there a referral code or link I need to provide to EV owners I’m referring?
Earth does not use personalized referral codes or links. Simply show EV owners the QR code that takes them to the Earth Rides webpage application. The application will ask who referred them. The application can be found at https://www.earthrideshare.com/independent-contractors/

Why doesn’t Earth use personalized referral codes or links?
The Earth team wants to be sure you are receiving your referral reward! If the person you refer loses that code or link, we may not know who referred them. Instead, our application requires them to provide how they heard about Earth. We confirm their referral source during their welcome call.

Can I refer a friend who doesn’t own an EV, but knows someone that does?
Whether you own, lease, or borrow an EV from a family member or friend, we encourage those interested in becoming Earth gig drivers to apply. Earth gig drivers do not need to own their own EVs. A full background check and proof of insurance will be required regardless of who owns the vehicle.  
Can I refer someone else to drive my vehicle?
Yes, you can refer someone else to drive your vehicle. The person you are referring will need to complete a background check and provide proof of insurance. 

When and how will I be notified if the gig driver I referred is hired?
An email will be sent to the referring gig driver when the referred driver has been onboarded. Once your referral is ready to hit the road, you’re ready to make some cash, so encourage them to hop in and get driving!

What if the gig driver forgets to list me as their referral source?
We want to be sure you are rewarded for helping us in our mission and getting more drivers on our platform. Therefore, the Earth team will confirm with each gig driver how they were referred to Earth. If you make a referral and want to let us know before they apply, we are happy to hear from you!
How many times can I participate in this program?
You can (and are encouraged to) refer as many gig drivers as you’d like. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make, however, you can only refer each gig driver once. 
Can I refer EV owners in other cities?
Yes, you can refer EV owners who live in other cities! By doing this, you are not only increasing your earning potential, but also helping us spread the word about Earth Rides–it’s a win win! If you are referring someone in a city we are not currently operating in, please reach out to Jess Montero at jessmontero@earthrideshare.com to discuss what expansion to that city could look like!

Next day payouts, no fees.

Earth has partnered with Gig Economy payout processor Branch. Branch allows you get paid and provides you with a digital wallet as well as debit card. There are never any fees associated with moving your money or using your Branch debit card.