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Electric Vehicle

  • Purchase a Tesla or other electric vehicle or you may already own one. 
  • Preferably a long range electric vehicle. 


  • Place it on Earth’s platform. 
  • Your vehicle will be giving rides each and every day. 

Make Money

You recieve a % of revenue generated form your vehicle over a designated time period. Fill out the form above to get started. 

Join Us.

Help Earth save the Earth! Gas cars are now the biggest contributor to carbon pollution in the U.S. Changing to electric vehicles is something we can all be a part of.

As part of our VIP (Vehicle Investment Program), you can feel good knowing you are doing something great for the Planet. You will be helping reduce carbon emissions in your city and a portion of each ride goes to planting trees! We are working hard to make sure each vehicle is only charged by the power of the sun!

We hope that you will continue to add vehicles to Earth’s fleet as we expand to other cities. 

Earth’s amazing marketing team is working hard building relationships with businesses, cities, events, and individuals to make sure your car is busy all day every day. 

There are a limited number of spots available in each city so don’t miss out on this opportunity to make money and save the planet. Idea: Team up with a few of your friends and place one or multiple vehicles on Earth’s platform!


Yes. You can put as many cars on Earth’s platform as you like. As we expand to other cities there will be opportunities to place cars in those cities as well.  

Yes. Used electric vehicles are a great investment. Several Tesla owners have logged over 500,000 miles on their vehicles. EVs are built to last a long time. 

Yes. Your vehicle will be fully covered for commercial use.

We prefer black but will take any color.

This is Earth's Future
Join Us