Independent Courier Company.

Grow your restaurants margins by switching to Earth Food Delivery.

Expand your reach without sacrificing your margins! Earth delivers orders from all your platforms and can also handle all of your in-house orders from online orders to phone ins.  

Need to speak with someone right now? Call 615-926-2128.

Simply set your 3rd party apps to “Self Delivery” and let us handle the rest. You get all the marketing without giving away all the commission. You can use our fleet to fulfill on-demand orders or if you need to schedule ahead we got you covered. 

We work with each restaurant to make sure you get the price you need.

Our drivers are employees that have been Nationally background checked, vetted, and trained. 

Set up self-delivery.

Simply select the self-delivery option in your third party platform like Uber Eats and let us handle the rest. 

Your restaurant, your food, your profits.

Stop letting third party apps eat your margins while overcharging your customers. With Earth as your delivery partner you could reduce commissions by up to 75%.

Regain control over your business.

Earth offers restaurant owners an easy way to optimize their delivery operations all while regaining control over their business financials. Earth is focused on transparency and giving you back complete control over your customer data.

Zero Emissions

All of your deliveries are done in a 100% electric vehicle.

We currently use Teslas in our fleet. 

Get up and running today.