Earth Brings Electric Rideshare Fleet to Nashville

Earth rideshare app nashville tesla model 3

Finally! Earth brings electric rideshare to Nashville TN! Earth Rideshare is a ride-hailing app that connects you with a driver in minutes. Just like Uber and Lyft but with all-electric vehicles. Earth is currently utilizing Tesla’s line of electric vehicles but plans to add other vehicles from OEMs like Volkswagon, Nissan, Audi, and Rivian when they are released.

Trees Please

Did you know Earth donates a portion of each ride to planting trees in your city? That’s right! Earth partners with local non-profits and cities to increase your tree canopy. While we know providing zero-emission rides seriously helps in reducing pollution in cities across the world, it’s just not enough! That’s why we pledge to help put carbon back into the ground where it belongs.

The Future of “Filling Up” at Earth Stations. EV charging. Organic Coffee. Co-Work Space. Car Wash.

Earth stations will be placed in convenient locations in your town to allow you to charge quickly and save time. Whether it’s an organic cup of coffee, finishing up a report for work, or needing a car wash, Earth stations have got you covered. While at the Station you can check out the electric vehicle of the month from a variety of car manufactures or sit in on educational class which is open to the public and learn all about renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Solar Charging

In the United States, electricity comes from three sources — 62% from fossil fuels, 20% from nuclear energy, and only 17% from renewable energy. Here at Earth, we are committed to the long term mission of charging our fleet with only the power of the sun, aka renewable energy! In order to accomplish this, we are continually researching and working alongside solar innovators to be completely green. With solar, battery packs, and plenty of sunlight, we know this goal is attainable.

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