Drive your EV on Earth Rides.

Earn a great commission! Join us on our mission to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the adoption of EVs!

NO saturation

We only allow a certain number of drivers on the road to give you the best chance at being in back to back rides and not wasting time.

No Hidden Fees

Your commission will be clear cut.

We work with you.

Not against you. We let you know the best times to drive to maximize your efforts.

Coming soon.

Earth Station Driver Hubs

Everything you need to recharge while you charge.


Be a part of a community that lifts each other up and supports one another in our mission to provide a great service all while saving the planet!

Job Opportunities

Come join our awesome team!


Offer your guests something unique. 


Retailers, offer on demand eco-friendly delivery to your customers. 

Biz Travel

You won’t go back.

Carbon Credits

Take your Biz carbon neutral.


We check all the ESG boxes.