Cancellation Fees

  • $5 Fee                 Driver in route to your pickup location.
  • $10 Fee               Driver has arrived at your pickup location in Nashville.
  • $20 Fee               Driver has arrived at your pickup location 7+ miles out of Downtown center.  
  • Full Trip Price     Driver in route to a ride 15+ miles outside of Nashville will be the full price of the trip.
Cleaning Fee 
  • $75-500 fee        Cleaning costs associated with vomit inside the vehicle or on the exterior will result in a charge to the rider’s account that booked the trip. The fee will be dependent upon the cost to clean the vehicle. 
Pet Damage Fee
  • $50-$200           Any tears or scratches to seats, excessive shedding, or mess left behind from an animal will result in a fee dependent upon the significance of the damage. 


Can I cancel a scheduled ride without being charged a fee? 

Yes! As long as the drive has not started driving towards your pickup location, you will not be charged any fees. 

I had an emergency and forgot to cancel my ride.

While we understand life happens, a cancellation fee will still be charged to ensure.

Can I travel with my service animal or pet?

Domesticated animals are welcome on Earth (leave the lions and monkeys at home). We recommend bringing a blanket or towel to minimize shedding left behind and damage to the interior of the vehicle.