2023 Update

First, we’d like to acknowledge all of the people who have poured into making Earth the premier transportation option in the cities we operate in. 

Our journey started in 2018 with two people excited about the future of electric vehicles and their potential impact as it relates to safety and carbon reduction. In our two years of operation, Earth shared this mission with dozens of drivers and thousands of riders across multiple states. Through these rides, safe spaces were created, friendships were formed, and reliable transportation happened! 

Our small business, like many others, has been negatively impacted by the current economic landscape. The team worked effortlessly to ensure our survival during this season but unfortunately, due to internal conflict, those efforts were in vain. 

While we wish the ride on Earth could continue, all operations are suspended until further notice. As new developments may occur, we encourage you to subscribe for updates. 

Thanks for riding on Earth!